Happy Birthday 2 STEVIE WONDER

Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”    – Stevie Wonder,  Born May 13, 1950

Like so many people of my  generation, I was profoundly inspired by Stevie Wonder to become a multi-instrumentalist in both acoustic and electronic mediums.

Stevie set an example of a musician who can do it all – not only playing all the instruments and programming your own sounds, but creating your own studio, producing your own music and having total control of every aspect of the creative process. Wonder’s pioneering work contributed in one way or another to almost every innovation in music technology that we enjoy today.

I began envisioning what would become the master plan for my expanded musical direction after absorbing Stevie’s 1972 album “Talking Book.” I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude along with all of humanity to Wonder for his commitment to music as a force for positive mentalism and social justice.

Here’s a track from my trio’s CD “Overtones,” written by Stevie. On behalf of all musicians and non-musicians alike:


3C Trio

Andy Wasserman, piano2008