Positive feedback: Student Review Posted

My students sometimes post reviews and recommendations of our work together on the internet.

Here’s a recent review written by an 14 year old private student :

“For about six years now I have daily devoted my time to initially learning, now understanding the piano and by far, my last three years with this instrument have best due to the caring and patient teacher I have had- Mr. Wasserman.

Every lesson always puts a smile on my face and allows me to distract my mind from the burdens of daily life and completely submerge myself in the music. The constant jokes that are shared have come to encompass my 45 minutes of lesson and have made it one of the parts of my days that I eagerly look forward to. During my lessons, I am able to not only continue in my study of music but I am also able to share my current academic or social endeavors, as Mr. Wasserman not only enriches the musical aspect of my mind but also the personal aspect.

My favorite thing about taking lessons with Mr. Wasserman is his patience and lenience in allowing me and other students to construct a unique learning structure through being able to choose from any classical, jazz, pop, etc, and also having the privilege to incorporate other instruments and means of technology to enhance the pieces. Ultimately allowing me to possess genuine pride and pleasure in learning the piano.”

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