Positive feedback: Student Review Posted

My students sometimes post reviews and recommendations of our work together on the internet.

Here’s a recent review written by an 11 year old private student :

“Mr. Wasserman is an outstanding piano teacher and role model. I have been journeying through the music world for about 5 years, and all I can say are good things!

He always carries with him a smile planted on his face, and a joyous attitude that has made a difference in each and every one of my lessons. His never-ending patience never ceases to amaze me, and his passion and talent for the piano and other instruments definitely inspire me. He finds a way to explain every little thing that I may be uncertain about, no matter what.

He provides a wide variety of options for me, which makes the lesson more enjoyable and personalized. He can make anyone laugh with his great jokes, and takes our minds off of the troubles of reality. I always look forward to my lesson after a long day at school, or just a normal day. He is able to allow student’s to just relax and enjoy the lesson and learn something from it, something that is very much needed sometimes.

He is simply a master musician, and a wonderful teacher!”

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