Tribute 2 The Masters: Dwike Mitchell


a master of divinely inspired piano virtuoso elegance

Ivory Dwike Mitchell Jr.
Born: February 14, 1930 in Dunedin, Florida
Died: April 7, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida

What qualities make someone a master of their art?

Impeccability. Innovation. Certainty. Agility. Self-realization. Finesse. Ingenuity. Beauty. Authenticity. Dexterity. Truthfulness. Dignity. Ease. Elegance. Inventiveness. Poise. Craftsmanship. Focus. Refinement. Style. Proficiency. Clarity. Constancy. Virtuosity. Trusting the process. Command. Precision. Unwavering dedication. Connectedness. Intuition.

Or as a true master of music, John Coltrane, put it, when asked what his aim was, answered “I believe that men are here to grow themselves into the full, best good that they can be.  I’m supposed to grow to the best good that I can get to…Good can only bring good.” Listen to Maestro Coltrane’s voice as he spoke these words during a recorded interview in Japan on July 9, 1966

This blog series will pay tribute to some music masters past and present. May the legacy, standard and level of excellence and integrity they embody CONTINUE TO RESONATE for generations to come.


The greatest of teachers…

The most profound of self-realized pianists…

Not a household name, but someone who without doubt has influenced generations of aspiring musicians around the world…

A true piano master in every sense of the word.

For those students at PIANO LESSON CITY who are not familiar with Andy Wasserman’s life-long mentor, Dwike Mitchell – best known as one-half of the world-renowned Mitchell-Ruff Duo – here is a chance to find out more. When you study here you are getting a solid dose of the core aesthetic values and pianistic brilliance Maestro Mitchell passed on to his students.

Explore his life and music at these links:

Listen for yourself – soak in tracks from the playlist below of Mitchell’s masterfully artistic solo piano improvised interpretations of American Songbook standards. These songs are excerpts from his appearance on National Public Radio’s Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz broadcast. Access to the entire interview program is available HERE.

DWIKE MITCHELL: solo piano mastery

Performances from NPR Piano Jazz Radio Show


And here’s a performance of Andy Wasserman playing a solo piano composition he created for his beloved mentor Dwike Mitchell entitled “Blues for Dwike.”


Blues For Dwike Mitchell

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Audio clip of Coltrane interview courtesy of The Official John Coltrane Website